Welcome to the FIFA 13 KICKTV Invitational Tournament! Join host Rachel Bonnetta as she previews Group B’s players: KSIOlajideBt, Gudjon Daniel, ZerkaHD & Jack54HD ahead of the group’s opening games on December 11th. Can we break 1000 likes? Who do you think win’s in the 1st round match ups? The Format: The playing structure works just like the group stage of the world cup. Each player will match up with the 3 others from his or her group once with the top 2 finishers moving on the quarterfinals. Players will receive 3 points for a win, 1 point for a draw and of course ZERO points for a loss. Once we move on to the quarterfinals it’s do or die; lose and you’re out. The games start here on KICKTV on December 10th with players posting their reactions on their channels the day after they play. The Rules: Each player has submitted a list of 7 teams they can choose from throughout the tournament. No international teams, no ultimate teams, we’re going strictly clubs. 6 of the teams can be any team they want, Barcelona, Manchester United, Bayern Munich, whatever. BUT the 7th team had to be a squad with a 3 star rating. Once a team has been used it is taken off the board and cannot be used again. UNLESS and here’s where we change it up: Unless you use AND WIN with your 3 star team which unlocks a previously used team for a 2nd chance. The Prizes: For every group stage win, the player will receive 500 dollars cash with one of their subscribers taking home a KICKTV prize pack
Video Rating: 4 / 5